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Self Assessment Questionnaire

Answer the 50 questions below by entering a number between 1 and 10 in the box to the left of each question.  Give yourself a 1 if the answer is no. Give yourself a 10 if the answer is yes. Give yourself a number between 1 and 10 to indicate how close you are to a yes or no answer.

When you have completed the questionnaire, press submit. Your score will be calculated and given to you immediately along with details for interpreting your results.



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         1. Is your hardware operating with 97% uptime at all workstations during business      hours?

          2. Is your agency management system software within one full platform major release of the current release offered by your vendor?

          3. Does all staff have access to the Internet?

          4. Is a scanning system implemented?

          5. Did you attend your vendor User Group conference this past year?


          6. Does management feel the vendor has delivered as promised?

          7. Is management committed to the electronic file as the primary source for insurance information?

          8. Does management feel they are receiving a payback from the technology investment?

          9. Does management view technology as an investment?


         10.  Are workflows documented? 

         11.  Is workflow documentation available on-line? 

         12. Is the staff adequately trained? 

         13. Is the database maintained on the agency management system?  For benefits, is plan information maintained in spreadsheets or Word documents?

         14. Does new business support for production come from the production unit?

         15. Are change requests completed using the change request generated from the agency management system?

         16. Are renewal tasks documented in a renewal time line?

         17. Are expirations tracked in a spreadsheet?

         18. Are marketing submissions tracked electronically?

         19. Are guidelines established for handling marketing documentation?

         20. Is use of the agency management diary system required?

         21. Are activities entered on the computer?

         22. Do the producers use the computer?

         23. Are service providers able to stay caught up with routine processes?

         24. Are guidelines established for storing e-mails?

         25. Are carrier service centers implemented or has your agency created its own centralized service/process center?

        26. Is there a workflow audit process in place?

        27. Is backlog monitored?

        28. Is there a transaction audit process in place (auditing workload distribution and system coding)?

Agency/Carrier Interface

       29. Is carrier download in place for all carriers where available?

       30. Has paper been cut off for downloaded carriers?

       31. Is carrier system access provided to all staff?

       32. Are new business applications entered electronically into the carrier system?

       33. Are comparative rating packages implemented?


       34. Have the sales and service roles been clearly defined, eliminating overlap?

       35. Have the service and process roles been defined? 

       36. Do the service providers have processing support for routine transactions?

       37. Do producers get involved in service transactions?

       38. Does production support for new business come from the production unit?

       39. Have processes been eliminated?

Information Management

       40. Has transactional filing been implemented?

       41. Have paper client files been eliminated?

          42. Have paper marketing files been eliminated?

       43. Have paper certificate files been eliminated?

       44. Have hand written notes been eliminated?

       45. Are e-mails stored with the client electronically?

         46. Is a document management solution in place?

       47. Do producers rely on the electronic file?

Customer Experience

       48. Do producers direct client calls to the service providers for routine service transactions?

       49. Is a client service schedule prepared for each client?

       50. Do you regularly survey clients?

Enter your agency name.

Enter your name.

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Please press submit and your total will be calculated. You might want to first print  a copy of your questions and answers.